Proposition 36 - SACPA

(Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act of 2000)
A collaborative multi-agency program


The SACPA program is a collaboration between Humboldt County Probation, Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drug programs branch and the Superior Court. The program is supported through state Alcohol and Drug Programs monies allocated following the passage of Proposition 36 by the voters in November 2000. The program works in a coordinated team approach to provide judicial oversight, community supervision, case management and drug treatment to felony non-violent adult criminal offenders meeting criteria set forth in PC 1210.1. Each offender undergoes an alcohol and drug assessment and is referred to an appropriate treatment program.

Participants are provided community supervision, drug testing, substance abuse education and treatment and other social service referrals to help them more fully integrate into the community and deal with substance use / abuse related issues. Following completion of court ordered treatment and other probation requirements, participants may petition the Court to be terminated from probation and have their charges dismissed.

Convictions received in other counties for persons residing in Humboldt County may be referred to the Probation Department for consideration for courtesy supervision or jurisdictional transfer (pursuant to PC 1203.9).



bulletFelony conviction for Possession of a Controlled Substance (listed under HS 11054-11058) or Transportation for Personal Use

bulletFree of prison custody for the past 5 years

bulletNo convictions for a Serious / Violent felony (PC 1192.7(c) or PC 667.5(c)) within the 5 years of the current non-violent drug possession offense

bulletNo conviction for a felony other than a non-violent drug possession offense within the past 5 years

bulletNo conviction for a misdemeanor involving physical injury or the threat of physical injury to another person within the last 5 years

bulletNo concurrent ineligible charges other than non-violent drug possession offenses

bulletNo Use of a Firearm in connection to a non-violent drug possession offense

bulletMust agree to drug treatment as a condition of Prop 36 probation