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Date Released: 3/9/2005
Subject: Marijuana Investigation
Contact: Sgt. W, Hanson
Case No#: 200501428
Released By: Sgt. W. Hanson

Location: Larabee Valley

On 03-08-2005 at approximately 5:00 am hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and the Humboldt County Drug Task Force with a search warrant set up surveillance on a secluded parcel of property located in the Larabee Valley area of Bridgeville.

Officers concealed themselves in the tree line near a two story structure that contained a commercial indoor marijuana growing operation. At 1:00 p.m. officers observed a male subject drive onto the property in a pickup truck. Officers video taped the male subject get out of his pickup truck and walk over to the indoor marijuana growing structure. The male subject then used a key to open the front door to the structure and he walked inside.

Approximately one minute later the male subject walked back outside. Officers then arrested him for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana. Officers identified the male subject as John A. Church age 60, who lives in Bridgeville.

When officers searched Church’s pickup truck they located a loaded shotgun laying on the front seat. Church was then transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility.

Officers then processed the two story structure that contained the indoor marijuana growing operation. Officers seized 1,067 growing marijuana plants that ranged in size from 2 feet to 3 feet.

Officers located a 60 k/w diesel generator inside a small shed near the indoor marijuana growing structure that was supplying electrical power to the indoor marijuana operation. Officers noticed evidence of oil and diesel contamination on the ground near the diesel generator. Officers noticed that the diesel generator exhaust vent was laying directly in a small creek behind the shed. Officers could see an approximate 2 foot by 3 foot black area in the creek where the exhaust vent was laying. Humboldt County Environmental Health was then contacted and responded to the scene to conduct an investigation.

This case is still under investigation.




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