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Date Released: 10/3/2008
Subject: Weather-Proofing Your Pet
Contact: Brent Ferguson, Program Coordinator
Case No#: N/A
Released By: Brent Ferguson

Location: Humboldt County

With the first significant winter storm fast approaching, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter would like to remind pet owners of the dangers that these winter storms can be to your pets. Bad weather can bring thunder and lightning, which frighten animals, causing otherwise docile, and friendly pets to become agitated or alarmed. We urge pet owners to please keep their pets securely contained during severe weather storms. The wet weather can cause fences to fall, fence posts to become loose and pets to escape their otherwise secure yard.

Please keep your animals home and safe. Check your fence periodically to make certain that it is secure. If thunder or lightning starts, bring your pet indoors or secure it in a garage or pen. If your pet is outdoors be sure that it is provided with adequate shelter to get out of the weather, it is the law. Make sure your dog is licensed, and is wearing its tag. The Sheriff Animal Shelter strongly encourages pet owners to microchip their dog and cat. Local veterinarians and animal welfare groups can assist with micro-chipping. This is cheap insurance to assure you and your pet is re-united should they become lost.

If your pet does get lost please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff Animal Shelter as soon as possible at 707-840-9132. We also recommend that you come into the shelter and look for your pet or check our website at to view the animals at the shelter. If you find a lost animal, please report it to the appropriate law enforcement/ animal regulatory agency where the animal was found.




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