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Date Released: 12/8/2011
Subject: More Arrests via "Tip Line"
Contact: Lt. Dave Morey
Case No#: 201106544
Released By: Lt. Dave Morey

Location: Fernbridge

Information was received on the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office “Tip Line” about excessive and possibly automatic weapons being fired on the river bar near Fernbridge. This was reported to be an “on going problem.” Deputies assigned to the Community Response Unit (CRU) responded to the area, acting on that tip line information.

On 12-07-2011 at about 4:00 PM, deputies observed seven (7) males gathered around two vehicles, firing various weapons. The subjects were contacted and multiple firearms were located on the tailgate and interior of one of the vehicles. Located was a Stag Arms M-16 (5.56mm) rifle, Springfield Arms XD 40 cal. Smith and Wesson semi-auto pistol, high capacity 30 round magazine for a 40 cal. Smith and Wesson, Taurus 38 cal. Super semi-automatic pistol, Ruger P89 9mm pistol with high capacity magazine, Glock model 17 9mm pistol, Glock model 23 40 caliber with high capacity magazine, Glock model 30 45 caliber pistol, Bersa 380 caliber semi automatic pistol, JP Sauer and Son 32 caliber pistol, high capacity magazine for an M-16 rifle

Records checks were run on the subjects and it was discovered that Vichay Bay Sisouphanh (26 of Eureka) was on probation for violation of misdemeanor domestic violence with two valid restraining orders. Sisouphanh was arrest for suspicion of violating the terms of the restraining order by being in possession of a firearm.

A records check on Sysovath Kannika (27 of Eureka) revealed he was a convicted felon, which would prohibit him from being in possession of a firearm. He was arrested on suspicion of a convicted felon being in possession of a firearm.

Jeperson Mykam (24 of Eureka) was determined to be the person in possession of the high capacity magazines for the firearms and was arrested for violation of possession of those magazines. A record check of all the firearms returned with only two of the firearms being registered, the Springfield XD and Glock 17, which were registered to Mykam.

The remaining subjects denied ownership of the remaining weapons and ammunition. All of the firearms, magazines and ammunition were booked as evidence and for safe keeping.

The three listed suspects were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility, where they were booked on the listed violations.

The Sheriff’s Office Community Response Unit has been having great success with the information provided on the “tip line.” Community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to that line at 707-268-2539.

Mike Downey




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