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Date Released: 1/30/2012
Subject: Search and Rescue
Contact: Lt. Steve Knight
Case No#: 201200449
Released By: Lt. Steve Knight

Location: Shelter Cove

On 01-28-2012, approximately 7:00 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office was notified of three people stranded south of Shelter Cove near the beach who needed to be rescued. The Sheriffs Office received a cell phone call from the stranded hikers who had gone for a hike along the beach south of Shelter Cove. The hikers were hiking south of “No Pass Rock” and the tide came in blocking their route back to Shelter Cove. The hikers decided to hike up and over, “No Pass Rock” when it became dark, and the three hikers slipped down a hillside into a ravine. The hikers were unable to climb up or down in the ravine and became stuck. The hikers were uninjured, but called for help to get out.

After the Sheriff’s Office received the call they initiated a Search and Rescue call out. The Sheriffs Office also called the Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department for assistance. The Shelter Cove Fire Department activated the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue team who responded to the scene with Shelter Cove Volunteers.

After evaluating the situation and speaking with the stranded hikers, rescue personnel determined the hikers were in a safe place. Rescue personnel determined it was too dangerous to rescue the hikers at night and a rescue would occur at daybreak. A helicopter could not be used for the rescue due to the terrain and conditions.

A high angle rope rescue was initiated at first light on 1-29-2012 by the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Team and Shelter Cove Volunteer Fire Department. The hikers, Timothy Philips, 27 years old of Redway, Whitney Hacket, 25 years old of Briceland, and Pierce Shippan, 24 years old Sutter Creek, California were all safely rescued by 3:00 p.m. Sunday. A total of twenty rescuers were involved and it took over twenty two hours for the rescue.

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