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Date Released: 5/27/2004
Subject: Letter of Appreciation
Contact: Brenda Gainey
Case No#: N/A
Released By: Brenda Gainey

Location: Eureka

Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp wishes to publicly express his appreciation to Norman’s Dry Cleaners & Commercial Laundry. Kenneth Daer, President of Norman’s Dry Cleaner’s, has graciously offered complimentary cleaning services for the uniform shirts of the Sheriff’s Office’s SCOP volunteers.

Beginning July 01, 2004, SCOP volunteers can bring their uniform shirts to the Norman’s Dry Cleaner’s stores in Henderson Center, Sunnybrae Center, or Redwood Village and they will be cleaned at no charge.

“We’re very appreciative of their generous offer and support,” said Sheriff Philp. “Realizing that in these tight budget times even our volunteer organizations are affected, this will allow SCOP to better use their limited funds to meet their program’s goals.”