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Date Released: 8/2/2007
Subject: Rescued Dog
Contact: Brenda Godsey, PIO
Case No#: N/A
Released By: Brenda Godsey

Location: McKinleyville

Animal Control Officers from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office rescued a dog yesterday morning that had become trapped in brush along the Hammond Trail. At about 8:15 officers received a report that a dog could be heard barking in the brush on Hammond Trail between the Vista Point and Clam Beach. The Officers responded and walked to the area where they could hear the dog but were unable to see her because the brush was too thick. They attempted to reach the dog from the highway side, but were unable to hear her from that direction. They returned to the trail and called for a Special Services Deputy who arrived with a machete. The deputy cleared the way through the brush, up steep terrain, and finally located the dog. She was weak and dehydrated but officers were able to carry back to their truck.

Officer Jeanne Fleek recalled a report of a lost dog that met the description of the rescued dog. Back at the Animal Shelter, Officer Fleek found the report that was dated July 19 for a dog that had been lost on Rita Ave. in McKinleyville. The owner of that dog, Ree Snyder was contacted and confirmed that her dog was still missing. Mrs. Snyder arrived at the shelter a short time later to see if the rescued dog was hers and a happy reunion followed. Mrs. Snyder added that she had all but given up hope of finding her 18-year-old dog. Mrs. Snyder had searched the area when the dog, Missy, went missing. However, Missy is deaf and couldn’t hear the calls.

“We are very grateful for such a happy ending,” said Lt. Steve Knight, Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Commander. “I am very proud of our officers for a job well done.”