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Date Released: 2/13/2008
Subject: Indecent Exposure Arrest
Contact: Brenda Godsey, PIO
Case No#: 200800827
Released By: Brenda Godsey

Location: McKinleyville

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a McKinleyville man yesterday morning after he reportedly exposed himself to a woman in Hiller Park. At about 9:00 a.m. a 33 year-old McKinleyville woman was walking her dogs at the park. She reported that she saw a car pull into the parking lot and a man quickly exited the vehicle. The man, Bobby Lee Ganfield, 28, approached her. When he was about 30 feet away from her he started to adjust the buckle on his pants. The woman became nervous and quickly walked away from him. She turned to look again and Ganfield was exposing himself to her. Ganfield began to masturbate as he ran toward the woman. The woman ran toward a field and notified a park attendant who called 911.

Responding Sheriff’s Deputies entered Hiller Park through different access points and found Ganfield a short distance away. The woman identified Ganfield as the man who had chased her. Deputies arrested him and transported him to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. He was booked for PC314(1), Indecent Exposure with More than Two Convictions, a felony. Additionally, he was booked for a parole violation. He is expected to be arraigned on Friday. He is not eligible to a bail due to his parole status.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds the public that cases of this nature are serious. Should you ever be confronted with a similar situation, get to a safe location and notify law enforcement immediately.