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Date Released: 10/8/2008
Subject: Parolee Arrested
Contact: Brenda Godsey, PIO
Case No#: 200806606
Released By: Brenda Godsey

Location: Eureka

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a parolee yesterday afternoon after he fled from them and then attempted to hide in a yard. At about 1:30 p.m. a Sheriff’s Sergeant was on patrol on Walnut Drive in Eureka when she saw a vehicle being driven toward her at a high rate of speed and in a reckless manner. The vehicle, a Honda Civic, sped past her at a high rate of speed, losing traction, tilting as if were going to roll over. The Sergeant turned her vehicle around and activated her overhead emergency lights and siren. Now southbound on Walnut Drive, she attempted to safely catch up to the Civic. Several citizens pointed out the Civic’s direction of travel. The Sergeant found the vehicle park in front of a residence on the 800 block of Gardinia Lane. The owners of the residence said they did not know the owner of the vehicle and had never seen it before. Deputies searched the area and found Austin Edward Neuroth, 30, of Fields Landing, hiding under some steps. He was arrested for reckless driving, resisting/obstructing a peace officer, driving on a suspended license, and a parole violation. He is expected to be arraigned by Thursday. He is not eligible to post bail do to his parole status.