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Date Released: 8/22/2003
Subject: Attempted Homicide/Car-Jacking
Contact: Brenda Gainey, PIO
Case No#: 200305587
Released By: Lt. Steve Knight

Location: Dyerville

On 08-21-03, approximately 1900hrs Humboldt County Sheriffs deputies and medical personnel were dispatched to the Redcrest Store regarding a shooting victim. Upon officers arrival they met with the 24 year old
male victim who had been shot. The victim told officers he was on the river bar, near Dyerville, with his friend, when they had a conversation with a stranger who identified himself as “ Blake”. When he and his friend got into their vehicle to leave, “Blake” got into the back seat of their vehicle. Blake then shot him in the face and shot at his friend, but missed.” Blake” then fled the area with their vehicle. The victim flagged down a passing motorist who gave him a ride to the Redcrest Store where emergency personnel were summoned. The victim is currently in stable condition at a local hospital. The victim was visiting Humboldt County from the Fresno area. The suspect and victims vehicle are still missing. The suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

Suspect Description: “ Blake”, 6-03, 240 lbs, shaved head, stubble beard, black ball cap with a sports logo on the front, blue basketball jersey, blue polo shorts, and black air jordan shoes.

Vehicle: 2003, Hyundai Sonata, white colored, four door, Calif. 5CBA044.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department at 445-7251.