Notice of Right to Claim Excess Proceeds from the Sale of Tax-Defaulted Property

Made pursuant to Section 4676, Revenue and Taxation Code

Excess proceeds have resulted from the sale and re-offer sale of tax-defaulted property on October 15-18, 2011 and December 3-6, 2011, listed below. Parties of interest, as defined by California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 4675, are entitled to claim the excess proceeds.

All claims must be in writing and must contain sufficient information and proof to establish a claimant's right to all or any part of the excess proceeds. Claims filed with the county more than one year after recordation of the tax collector's deed to the purchaser on November 9, 2011 (for property sales during October 15-18, 2011), or to the purchaser on January 9, 2012 (for property sales during December 3-6, 2011) cannot be considered.

Amounts listed are subject to change.

Assessment No.
Property Address/Location Excess Proceeds
019-121-026-0001286 Howard St/Eureka$ 18,837.14
100-011-008-000no situs$ 11,146.86
109-032-026-000536 Beach Rd/Shelter Cove$ 737.46
109-033-012-00065 Madrone Rd/Shelter Cove$ 2,441.49
109-131-049-00076 Muskrat Cir/Shelter Cove$ 473.83
109-182-010-0001008 Spring Rd/Shelter Cove$ 557.29
109-182-060-000506 Spring Rd/Shelter Cove$ 429.29
109-241-014-000790 Telegraph Creek Rd/Shelter Cove$ 485.20
109-271-015-000214 Cedarwood Ct/Shelter Cove$ 537.59
110-201-014-000855 Blueridge Rd/Shelter Cove$ 426.99
111-011-041-00019 Lariat Ct/Shelter Cove$ 1,510.17
111-012-011-000474 Upper Pacific Dr/Shelter Cove$ 459.48
111-012-012-000464 Upper Pacific Dr/Shelter Cove$ 444.16
111-012-014-000444 Upper Pacific Dr/Shelter Cove$ 939.13
111-012-016-000412 Upper Pacific Dr/Shelter Cove$ 493.28
111-051-009-000908 Redwood Rd/Shelter Cove$ 379.87
111-052-048-000479 Seafoam Rd/Shelter Cove$ 1,606.23
111-062-031-000444 Redwood Rd/Shelter Cove$ 349.71
111-161-011-00039 Haven Ct/Shelter Cove$ 155.06
111-161-012-00049 Haven Ct/Shelter Cove$ 385.12
216-251-006-000242 Main St/Alderpoint$ 17,958.39
525-081-005-000no situs listed$ 13,546.61
525-261-003-000no situs listed$ 2,907.86
526-102-030-000no situs listed$ 702.69
527-054-039-000no situs listed$ 12,167.09
533-011-008-000no situs listed$ 7,457.21

Claim forms and information regarding filing procedures may be obtained through the links below, at the Humboldt County Tax Collector's Office, 825 5th Street, Room 125, Eureka, CA 95501 or by calling (707)476-2450 or toll free (877) 448-6829 between 8:30 am-Noon and 1:00pm-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Executed at Eureka, Humboldt County, California, on January 6th, 2012. Published in the North Coast Journal on January 12th, January 19th, and January 26th, 2012.