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Humboldt Countyís Department of Child Support Services is a team of individuals with diverse skills dedicated to providing the best possible service to our community. Our staff consists of case managers, attorneys, financial case managers, and support staff here to serve you.


Our office establishes orders for child support and health insurance as well as enforces  orders for child support and health insurance for children who do not have the benefit of an intact family. In some cases that also means establishing paternity. The process can be complex and riddled with legal language and we will do our best to guide you through it.

Here are some specific procedures  you may want to know about:

            The Establishment Process

            Modifying An Order

            Enforcing A Child Support Order

We want your experience with our Department to be a positive one. If you have a problem we havenít been able to help you resolve, try these options:

Complaint Resolution - We are here to assist and make the child support process  fair and unbiased and within the guidelines of state and federal regulations. If you donít feel your experience has been we offer a range of ways to help you if you are not satisfied with your outcome, you can contact our Ombudsperson and use the Complaint Resolution Process Our ombudsman is a seasoned child support manager who will objectively look at your case to insure that we are handling it correctly. She will trouble shoot problems after a case manager and a supervisor have been unable to resolve your concern.

State Hearing   

Form Workshops - We offer bi-weekly workshops to help with forms that are required for things such as responding to the first set of documents your receive to modifying a child support order to fit current financial circumstances. These workshops are offered: 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 12-2 pm. If these times donít work for you, call or stop by and weíll work with you to get your questions regarding completing our forms.  

Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP)