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File Downloads
   Public Works
   Klamath River
      Humboldt County Comment Letter on Draft EIS/EIR for Facilities Removal (November 15, 2011) [pdf]
      Humboldt County Support for Klamath Basin Economic Restoration Act of 2011 (November 14, 2011) [pdf]
      Staff Report to Board of Supervisors on Klamath Dam Removal Efforts (October 4, 2011) [pdf]
   Fields Landing Boat Launch Facility Reconstruction Project
      Capital project summary [pdf]
      Boat ramp expansion design plans [pdf]
      North floating dock design plans [pdf]
      South floating dock as-built plans [pdf]
      Site location map [pdf]
      Site features map [pdf]
      Facility site plan (upland features) [pdf]
      Conceptual design (DBW, 2008) [pdf]
      August 2007 ground survey data [pdf]
      August 2007 ground survey map [pdf]
      May 2010 ground survey data [pdf]
      May 2010 ground survey map [pdf]
   Francis Creek
      CGS landslide report (April 18, 2011) [pdf]
      2011 monitoring report [pdf]
      2010 monitoring report [pdf]
      2009 monitoring report [pdf]
      2008 monitoring report [pdf]
      2007 monitoring report [pdf]
   Blue Lake Levee
      Technical Information Summary Memo (January 3, 2014) [pdf]
      Photo Series (January 2, 2014) [pdf]
      Maps (December 2, 2013) [pdf]
      Hydraulic Study (June 2013) [pdf]
      Hydrologic Study (February 2013) [pdf]
      Routine Inspection Report (April 2013) [pdf]
      Periodic Inspection Report (June 2011) [pdf]
      Operation and Maintenance Manual (July 1964) [pdf]
      Detailed Project Report (May 1962) [pdf]
      Operation and Maintenance Manual (June 1956) [pdf]
      Project Report (November 1953) [pdf]
   Redwood Creek Levee System
      Geotechnical Evaluation (June 2011) - Text and Plates Only (13mb) [pdf]
      Geotechnical Evaluation (June 2011) - Complete Report (61mb) [pdf]
      Hydraulics Technical Memo (June 2011) [pdf]
      Hydraulics Technical Memo (May 2011) [pdf]
      Hydraulics Technical Memo (December 2010) [pdf]
      Preliminary Levee Design Review and Geomorphic Evaluation (August 2010) [pdf]
      Hydraulics Technical Memo (June 2010) [pdf]
      Historical Photographs (2010) [pdf]
      Monitoring Cross-sections (2010) [pdf]
      Operations and Maintenance Annual Report (2010) [pdf]
      Monitoring Cross-sections (2009) [pdf]
      Operations and Maintenance Annual Report (2009) [pdf]
      Levee Crest Data (2008) [pdf]
      Site Maps (2008) [pdf]
      Operations and Maintenance Manual (1969) [pdf]
      General Design Memorandum (1966) [pdf]
      Survey Report Appendices (1961) [pdf]
   Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project
      Riverside Ranch Revised Preferred Alternative (KHE, January 2009) [pdf]
      Pilot Test Information (December 2008) [pdf]
      Riverside Ranch Conceptual Restoration Plan (H.T. Harvey and Associates, September 2008) [pdf]
      Aquatic Resources Delineation (CRREL, May 2008) [pdf]
      Cultural Resources Investigation (Roscoe, March 2008) [pdf]
      Sediment Reuse Assessment (LACO, February 2008 [pdf]
      Sediment Investigation Report - Text, Figures, Tables [pdf]
      Sediment Investigation Report - Photos [pdf]
      Sediment Investigation Report - Appendix A [pdf]
      Sediment Investigation Report - Appendix B-D [pdf]
      KHE Sedimentation Accumulation Memo [pdf]
      KHE Design Flow Memo [pdf]
      KHE Longitudinal Profile Memo [pdf]
      EDR Radius Map Report [pdf]

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