Asha George, Ph.D., Director, Mental Health
Amy Larum, RN, Deputy Director, Mental Health

Adult Behavioral Health Services

Same Day Services and Psychiatric Emergency Services offer mental health crisis and stabilization services for persons exhibiting acute psychological distress. Crisis Line (707) 445-7715.

Outpatient Therapy is provided by clinicians to assist individuals, and support people, in addressing a personís goals, symptom reduction, and improvement in functional impairments.

Outpatient medication support services are offered to evaluate a personís need for medication, prescribe, administer, and dispense psychiatric medications, evaluate clinical effectiveness and side effects of medication, obtain informed consent, and provide education.

Case management services are available for persons with severe mental illness to access and maintain access to medical, education, social, pre-vocational, vocational, rehabilitative, or other needed community services.

Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Services provide screening, treatment, and referral services for adults.

Healthy Moms provides substance abuse services for pregnant women or women with at least one child less than six years old. Childcare is provided.

The Older Adults Program addresses mental health service needs for people over 60 years of age with severe mental illness.

Mental Health Clinicians are integrated into other Health and Human Service programs such as General Assistance, In-Home Supportive services, and Adult Protective services.

Organizational and Fee for Service Providers, located throughout the community, offer individual counseling for Medi-Cal beneficiaries and residential and day treatment services for persons with a severe mental illness.

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