Asha George, Ph.D., Director, Mental Health
Amy Larum, RN, Deputy Director, Mental Health

Patients' Rights Advocacy Services

Tel: (707) 268-2995

The Patients' Rights Advocate ensures the rights of mental health consumers are known and observed by:

  • Providing information / education to consumers regarding their rights
  • Investigating / resolving complaints about patients' rights violations
  • Monitoring programs/facilities for compliance with laws
  • Providing training & consultation to providers and staff

What Rights do Mental Health Consumers have?

Persons with mental disabilities retain all rights, privileges, opportunities & responsibilities of other citizens unless specifically limited by federal or state law or regulation.

~ Patientsí Rights Brochure ~
  • File complaints
  • Access services
  • Understand Rights regarding:
    Involuntary commitment
    Treatment in least restrictive environment

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