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Fee Schedule

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2013-2014 Fee Schedule

 Agricultural Commissioner
   Testing Non Commercial Weighting and Measuring Devices 
   and Commercial Services Not Requiring Fee-Exempt Inspections - 261A

   and  Inspecting/Testing Commercial Farm Milk Tanks - 261B [PDF]
 Building Inspection
   Effective December 2, 2013: Unit Valuation Schedule; Building Valuation Data; Building Permit and Plan Review Fees: A.O.B Fee Structure; Seismic Fee - 262 [PDF]
 Public Works
   Materials Testing Division: Laboratory Test Rates - 321 [PDF]
 Health and Human Services - Public Health Branch
   Field Nursing: Targeted Case Management - 416  [PDF]
   Clinic Services Division - 422  [PDF]
 Environmental Health
   Hazardous Materials – 411  [PDF]

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